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Team Citrine vs Dolphinz Esports

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

If you like back and forth games, this is a series you won't want to miss. Neither team was pulling any punches and were willing to fight for the victory.

At the beginning of game one, I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried for Citrine. Dolphinz was making plays all over the map. SupernaturalS15 was everywhere. This deter Citrine, though. They knew that if they could secure the objectives, that's what would matter in the end. Which is exactly what they did. At 16 minutes, a 4v5 fight broke out over an Infernal Dragon, leading to a 4 for 0 for Citrine and a free Infernal Drake. Citrine was able to quickly transition this into securing Baron. Now that they were sure they could win any fight, they took the final dragon for Infernal Soul, pushed down mid, and ended the game at 29 minutes.

Game two was a different story. I have to give credit to Citrine for their fantastic early game plays. At 12 minutes, Citrine had a 3000 gold lead! Sadly, this didn't last long. You see, Dolphinz had an Ornn and a Senna. If you know anything about those champions, you know they scale to disgustingly overpowered points. That's just what happened. Citrine was unable to snowball their lead hard enough to end the game before Ornn and Senna were able to take over team fights. The game ended in a Dolphinz victory at 32 minutes.

In game three, things really heated up. Fights were back and forth. No one wanted to give any ground. It all started with a fight over a Mountain Dragon, which leads to the deaths of 2 members on Dolphinz, but they were able to secure the drake. Despite Dolphinz able to securing another drake at 13 minutes, Citrine was ahead 3000 gold. The early game was so much fun to watch and Laws POPPED OFF. Going into the mid-game, Laws was 7/1/2. Did Knight sub in for him this game? The world may never know. Citrine was able to easily secure Baron at 22 minutes. I think their success started to go to their head a bit heading into the late game. At 25 minutes, Citrine tried to end the game, but lose 4 members in a gigantic 5v5 team fight. This gave Dolphinz a chance to get back in the game. Then they won ANOTHER fight over dragon at 34 minutes. Both teams were now at soul point. Pulling a 200 IQ play, Citrine then snuck baron. The next fight stressed me the f*** out. Back and forth, back and forth, right in front of Dolphinz' Nexus. Finally, Citrine was able to kill 4 of the members on Dolphinz, sacrificing 3 members of their own. This allowed Teetora and Jungle Master to kill the Nexus and end the game.

I talked with Player of the Series, Jungle Monster, who was able to give a bit more detail on the game.

Me: So going into game 1, what was your team's plan for winning?

Jungle Monster: Well, they left Graves open, which is my one trick, and their Jungler is actually an ADC main, so we were just hoping to snowball around me getting a lead.

Me: But Sylas got ahead pretty early and was very clearly an issue. What'd you guys do to answer?

Jungle Monster: Well, Slipstream was able to get an Executioner's Calling pretty early, so that made things pretty easy. Urgot also had Ignite so whenever he would engage Sylas was going to have a bad time.

Me: Game 2 was a bit of a different story though. What happened???

Jungle Monster: So, I was able to get my one trick again (Graves), but we were playing to get Yasuo ahead. We weren't familiar with the style, though. In the end, we were just hoping to get Ashe to a point where she would come online, but it was too late.

Me: Yeah, it always sucks to get outscaled. In game 3 though, you guys brought it back! Tell me about your thought process going into the game.

Jungle Monster: So, Graves wasn't itemizing well at all in Game 2, so we were able to take advantage of that. Like, he built Youmuu's first item, then a Sanguine Blade, and just totally f***ed his team. They picked Graves, and because they kept banning Renekton, we didn't want to pick Nidalee because we wouldn't have any hard CC, so Evelynn was the obvious choice.

Me: The end of the game was just so back and forth. How did you guys end up closing the game?

Jungle Monster: It all came down to killing Senna. She two-shot Ashe at the end of the game (laughs).

Me: You ended up winning the series! What's one thing we can take away from your victory?

Jungle Monster: We knew we were the better team, we just had to play around their weaknesses.

This series was an absolute blast to watch. If you missed it, you can check it out at I strongly recommend it!

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