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CCG Emerald vs Grandview University

In a game that meant a lot for both teams, CCG Emerald was able to take the victory! I will say that Grandview was relentless, and was not willing to give up the victory for free. CCG Emerald is always fun to watch, and if you're not riding their train, it's time to jump on.

Holy crap dude, the first blood of game 1 was one of the most amazing Maokai Twisted Advances I have ever seen. Much to the dismay of Lillia, she attempted to flash away in the midst of a Twisted Advance, and pulled Maokai right to her, leading to her demise. This meant that wtjd was able to roam around the map, achieving priority in both bot lane and mid lane, which lead to a free infernal drake. Five minutes later, a TP from Berik into the bot lane, CCG was able to secure a kill on Twisted Fate. This ultimately leads to a fight over a mountain dragon and a 3 for 1 for CCG. I felt bad for Grandview most of the time, Exothy on Ziggs was a total nuisance. With the aid of Rift Herald and a Satchel Charge from Ziggs, CCG was able to take the first turret in the mid lane. Again, because of priorities in bot and mid, CCG was able to take drake number 2, this time an Ocean Drake. CCG Emerald was able to start to snowball their lead, ushering in a 4k gold lead at 20 minutes. Things got a little hairy during the baron fight at 23 minutes. CCG Emerald was able to get a pick on Jhin, which they thought meant that they could take Baron, but Exothy on Ziggs got caught out, which devolved the fight into a 3 for 3. Off the back of this fight, Grandview was able to take their first dragon. During a fight at 29 minutes, CCG was able to sneak the final dragon for Ocean Soul. Continuing to snowball, at 32 minutes, CCG was able to secure an uncontested Baron. Using their lead along with Baron buff CCG Emerald was able to close the game at 25 minutes.

Game 2 was hard to watch for CCG Emerald. Grandview was able to get first blood on a tower dive, but end up trading kills when Nidalee is killed by the turret. Berik tried his best to keep CCG Emerald in the early game, getting a double kill at ten minutes. In a turret race, Grandview was able to take the first turret, but CCG Emerald was quick to follow. Grandview had constant priority in the bot lane, taking the first dragon. I have to give it to Grandview in this game, they knew their win condition, and at 10 minutes, got a 600 gold shutdown on Berik. Snowballing their lead, a fight over dragon at 19 minutes lead to a 2 for 1 on the side of Grandview, which spiraled into another dragon at 24 minutes for Grandview. Despite all of this CCG Emerald did lead by 1k gold. A fight in the river at 24 minutes, however, lead to a 3 for 0 for Grandview, and at 25 minutes Grandview lead by 2k gold. Grandview was subsequently able to get their fourth and final dragon, giving them a mountain soul. A solo kill by Ezreal on Stretfa leads to an easy baron by Grandview. CCG Emerald tried to win a 5v5 fight at the nexus, but are they were all killed, and Grandview was able to end the game at 29 minutes.

Game 3 was a stomp for CCG Emerald. It was an absolute blast to watch. It felt like they were really displeased with the result of game 2. After a flash engage from wtjd, Exothy was able to get first blood. Then, Dragonjindi ganks the bot lane and was able to kill Rumble, allowing CCG Emerald to take a free dragon. Wtjd was fed up with Grandview's bot lane duo, ulting into the lane and scoring a double kill at 11 minutes. You could tell CCG Emerald was not going to take another loss. With great vision and map control, CCG Emerald was able to sneak dragon number 2 at 14 minutes. During a 5v5 team fight at 18 minutes, CCG Emerald take a 5 for 1 trade, scoring an ace, getting the mid-tier 2 turret, and their 3rd dragon. CCG Emerald had a huge 6k gold lead at 20 minutes. Because of this lead CCG sneak baron at 23 minutes. With baron buff, CCG was easily able to push bot lane and mid lane waves and take an easy 4th dragon for cloud soul. Grandview, in desperation, attempts to get a pick on Berik, but CCG quickly responds to the fight ending in a 5 for 0. CCG Emerald had taken everything from Grandview in this final game, destroying the enemy Nexus at 29 minutes.

With the victory over Grandview University, CCG Emerald continue their win streak. This was a fantastic series with CCG Emerald the clear victor. If you weren't able to catch the series, you can watch it at

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