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CCG Emerald vs Recon 5 Scarlet

In a series that could have easily gone either way, CCG Emerald take the victory over Recon 5 Scarlet and continue their win streak. I'm going to break down the series and add an interview from Player of the Series, Dragonjindi.

In game 1, as per usual, Berik is able to solo kill his enemy laner, this time on Shen against an Ornn. Then, without giving a break in the action, Stretfa and Diomarr take a fight under turret for a 1 for 1. One of my favorite things about CGG Emerald is their teamwork. At 6 minutes, CCG Emerald score another kill on Diomarr when Wjtd and Dragonjindi gank mid at the same time. This is so incredibly consistent from Wtjd. If he isn't making plays in the bot lane, he's roaming around the map, finding plays elsewhere. Despite the pressure in the mid lane, Recon 5 Scarlet was able to take the first dragon. Then Berik gets ANOTHER solo kill in the top lane. With Pantheon able to get control of the bot side river, CCG Emerald is able to get their first dragon of the game. A fight in the enemy blue side jungle means a triple kill for CCG Emerald. Despite this, CCG Emerald decide to concede Rift Herald, leading to the first turret for Recon 5 Scarlet in the mid lane. With CCG Emerald's eyes on Baron, they score a 2 for 0 on a turret dive, followed by a solo kill for Exothy, and they are able to secure a free baron at 20 minutes. At this point, CCG Emerald lead by 5k gold. On the back of the baron buff, CCG is able to take dragon number 2. This is when things get scary. My butt cheeks clenched up a little when CCG Emerald take a terrible tower dive at the tier 2 top lane turret, leading to a 4 for 1 for Recon 5. Recon 5 then try to take baron, but are found out, being pushed off while Exothy takes their 3rd dragon. CCG Emerald then lose another 3v5 team fight leading to a 2 for 0 for Recon 5 and scoring them a free baron. Things look dire, but CCG Emerald still lead by 2k gold at 30 minutes. It alls comes to a head in a 5v5 fight over dragon when Wtjd is able to get the perfect flank to engage on Senna, leading to a 5 for 1 team fight for CCG Emerald and securing the mountain soul. CCG Emerald immediately take Baron. Recon 5 desperately want to get back in the game, but CCG Emerald win another 5v5 fight through the top side, acing the enemy team, and scoring the victory at 38 minutes.

Game 2. This time around, things go a little bit differently, first blood goes to Dragonjindi! I did type that correctly, it was not a solo kill in the top lane for Berik. Dragonjindi absolutely took over this game. Even before getting to the first dragon fight, Dragonjindi was 3/0/0. At the first dragon, Recon 5 try to contest by surrounding CCG, but the dragon still goes over to CCG, and even costs them the life of Rourke. Dragonjindi was not happy with how close the first game was, scoring a Triple kill in the bot lane at 15 minutes. This took the pressure off of the mid lane, allowing Stretfa to take the first tower in the mid lane, but also allows Exothy to take the second tower in the bot lane only moments later. With pressure in the bot and mid lane, CCG take their second dragon. CCG Emerald lead by 2.5k at 20 minutes. It seemed like their early game success went a bit to their head though, which is something that I have noticed from CCG Emerald. At 24 minutes, they try to force a 4v5 fight behind the baron pit, which claims the life of Dragonjindi, giving over a 1000 gold shutdown. Recon 5 immediately turn to Baron, but decide to continue their chase on CCG Emerald, trading a 1 for 1 on Berik. Recon 5 decide to not go for baron at that point. Dragonjindi was an absolute monster in this game. At 27 minutes, he steals away dragon number 4, giving CCG Emerald mountain soul! Recon 5 thought that maybe they could sneak Baron at 33 minutes, but end up turning on CCG Emerald, losing an absolutely gigantic 5v5 team fight, leading to a 5 for 0 Ace for CCG Emerald. CCG Emerald easily translate this to a free Baron and a free Elder Drake. Recon 5 tries to keep themselves in the game by taking a 5v5 team fight in the mid lane, but with Baron and Elder buff, CCG Emerald easily takes the fight, ending the game at 36 minutes.

I sat down with Player of the Series, Dragonjindi, about his thoughts on the series:

Me: Hey! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. You did really well tonight! Going in, what were your first impressions on the series?

Dragonjindi: Thanks! We were prepared. We scrim 3 times per week. Going in, our confidence was really high. They (Recon 5) humbled us, though. We could have lost at any point. We're just going to continue to practice.

Me: I've spoken to Berik before and he said you guys are just the better team. What do you do to prepare yourself for a match like this?

Dragonjindi: Eat. I don't play before. I try to be calm before the game. You think about what you're going to better this game and try not to repeat the same mistakes that you did before.

Me: How do you feel about Hecarim, I see you play him a lot and you always do well. Alternatively, I've seen you get absolutely shat on while on Karthus. How do you feel about Karthus?

Dragonjindi: Last season I was kind of a Hecarim one trick, but I haven't played him much this season. I was concerned about the Hecarim curse! I don't play him much in Solo Que. In competitive play, he's a lot easier because the players know how to set up ganks and play around him. In that game I played Karthus, we were trying to lane swap, but messed up on the dive. He can be abused by Nidalee as well.

Me: So if your coach told you that you had to play Karthus again, what would you say?

Dragonjindi: I'm willing to do whatever the coach wants. He's a good coach and knows how to win.

Me: What's a final word you would like to leave about the series?

Dragonjindi: I wish I had spoken up more about what to do because was the most fed. The series was close, but shouldn't have been as close.

Me: Thanks again, man! Good luck in your upcoming games!

Dragonjindi: Thanks for taking the time to interview me!

Once again, a great series from CCG Emerald. If you missed the series, you can check it out at

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