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Our Pillars

Welcome to Crystal Cave Gaming!

My name is Zyphis, and I'm proud to be able to take the time to write about our organization.

I remember when I was little, gaming meant putting a cartridge into the Nintendo Entertainment System, booting it up, and becoming immersed in a world of fantasy and intrigue. Back then, your community of gamers was largely limited to your neighbors and the people you went to school with. Imagine: you and your 3 best friends, all huddled around a Nintendo 64, playing 007 Goldeneye, fighting over whether or not having the Golden Gun turned on was fair or not. The relationships I made there were some of the strongest relationships I have ever made, built on a common love of immersive storytelling, competition, and connecting with those around you. These things transcended our differences and brought us together.

Nowadays, things are no different! Now, however, we have even more tools to help us connect with gamers from all over the world! People of all ages, creeds, races, and religions. We here at Crystal Cave Gaming are dedicated to keeping those traditions alive, with an emphasis on 5 things: Respect, Positivity, Humility, Integrity, and Heart.


We believe in following the golden rule, "treat others how you would like to be treated." We want to be inclusive of all different types of people, but not only this but being aware of people's feelings and considerate to every member.


We strive to maintain positivity in all aspects of life and gaming. The more positive you are, the more likely you are to bounce back from a loss or setback. Learning to maintain a positive mindset by taking a step back when things get rough. Take time off when you need, and always try to uplift each other in-game and in life.


Christopher Earle once wrote, "Be humble in victory, and gracious in defeat." We've all been there. You've just decisively lost a game, and the enemy team decides to rub it in by spamming "GG EZ." That never feels good. So when you're on the other side, don't go rubbing it in and don't let winning go to your head. Keep a cool and collected mind when playing and competing. Losing happens, so don't get angry or over-emotional with teammates or enemies. Look forward to the games and keep optimistic about the next set.


“I had a friend that said whenever she was doing something bad, she’d hear this little voice in her head… A distant little voice, saying, ‘Oh, come on now. You know this is wrong.’ And then when she started doing good things, that voice went away. It was a relief.” Chidi was right. Don't do anything that would potentially harm someone else -- physically or mentally. Don't tarnish someone's honor. Be responsible for your actions. People are inherently good, and we believe in you.


"Don't let a win get to your head or a loss to your heart." Play with everything you have. Every game should feel like it is your last game on the rift. When you give it your all, you are more resilient to setbacks and failures. You are more focused on your goals, and the game is more exciting for the fans, your teammates, and yourself.

We are incredibly proud of what we have created, and are excited for you to be apart of it!

Stay tuned for updates!

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