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Team Emerald vs Murk Derecho

With a victory over Murk Derecho, Team Emerald moved their record to 2-1!

I would be remiss if I didn't say that game one started off a bit rough. With an early level 1 invade from Murk Derecho, which claimed the lives of both wtjd and Dragonjindi, Team Emerald was set behind. You could tell by their play that Team Emerald was not discouraged, however. They simply took their foot off the gas a little, slowed down the game, and only took the skirmishes that they needed. This lead to a big 2 for 2, 5v5 team fight at 10 minutes. Team Emerald knew with this fight that they were finally back in this game. The game was turned on its head at 20 minutes when Team Emerald was able to pick off 4 members of Murk Derecho, which they easily transitioned into Baron. Team Emerald was able to take advantage of their Baron buff, and at 25 minutes, had a 6,000 gold lead. From there, Team Emerald barreled down mid lane for a 27-minute victory.

The beginning of game 2 was very standard. It didn't take long to turn bloody though. At just 3 minutes, Durk Derecho's jungler attempted a red buff invade, but Stretfa and Berik were quick to react, leading to a 2 for 2. Unfortunately for them, Murk Derecho's top laner and mid laner chased a little too far and were quickly picked off by Berik. At 10 minutes, a fight over Right Herald showed that Murk Derecho was not going down without a fight, which leads to a 2 for 2. The next fight, which happened 21 minutes, was so amazing I must have watched it 4 times. It all started with an ultimate engagement from Dragonjindi onto the enemy Graves, which was immediately followed up by Exothy's Ashe Enchanted Arrow. Graves Flash + Ulted out of the engage, but Team Emerald was able to immediately turn their attention onto Thresh. From there Murk Derecho was scattered, and Team Emerald immediately took advantage of this to pick off 3 members of the enemy team. They quickly transitioned this into Baron and were able to end the game in 31 minutes.

I was able to sit down with Player of the Series, Berik, about the game, who offered some great insights into the game.

Me: So tell me about how the team felt going into the series?

Berik: We felt confident going in. We felt we just had more skill all around.

Me: You picked Renekton into Camille, who is a very strong pick right now. What made you guys choose that?

Berik: Well, we felt that Renekton counters Camille really hard. I just tried to take good trades in her wave.

Me: And I was shocked to see the Sylas pick! What was your mindset in champ select?

Berik: Well, we weren't sure where Shen was going, could've been top, jungle, support. So with Sylas, we had double Teleport, and I was always able to match Shen.

Me: And what do you think brought your team to victory?

Berik: We just played the game better as a whole (laughs)

What a great series! Please come and join us in the future for more fantastic League of Legends!

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